Since 2020

Deep experience as leather jacket maker, we start boots collection 2020 with enthusiasm to impact myself going to next addiction.

Our Boots Story

Since 2010, we created about 1000 pairs of engineer boots as prototype, As time goes on, we have been fascinated by making process.  Besides using the tough materials and manufacturing process, We would like to create modern silhouette, For example, even if  Vintage Model, it has Elegance and modern.  All after this, we launch ADDICT BOOTS 2020.

Addict Engineer Boots

A slightly warped last tapered to toe Combined with 11-inch height for a classic look.



As luxury leather horsehide is inferior in strength to cow leather in terms of strength, but in addition to being excellent in flexibility. Each part of leather has different faces & strength which we make layout on best part of boots. It will get fit on you from the beginning of hardness feel.


High-density leather as strong enough as boots material.And by making it softer which fit on foot. Tanner in Japan and Brush up finishing as leather, also it is beautiful when it sewn up as boots. Black and brown as "core brown" leather aging with beautiful contrast.

Steer Suede

Strong enough, and softer than standard leather, use fuzzy underside of hide.The suede material is made by turning leather upside down so this fuzzy side is face up which both has a luxurious feel and decorative appearance.

Not Just a Boots but

to awake you up when you on it wherever the way to Jurney

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